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Lab and Pilot freeze dryer Lyobeta Mini

Lyobeta family range of laboratory and R&D freeze-dryers offers high performance specifications for optimum freeze-drying results at both early and later stages of the development of a freeze-drying process development.

To bridge the existing gap between initial batch development and semi-production batches this new freeze-dryer has been designed and developed.

Lyobeta Mini possibilities of controlling freeze-drying process makes understanding of key parameters a very valuable tool for the up-scaling of the process at stages close to production. Lyobeta Mini offers similar features to bigger units using minimum space in research laboratories


Description :

- The unit's design offers the best performance for technology transfer activities and work in advanced R&D Centres.

- Unit suitable for laboratories : compact unit mounted on casters, easy to install.

- Easy recipe development : quality and adaptation of the temperature sensors (shelf, product and condenser) and vacuum. Temperature, pressure and time control system.

- Recipe optimisation capability. Possibility of thermodynamic controland pressure rise test with the isolation valve.

- Results reliability : temperature uniformity (shelf flatness, high quality components, upper radiation shelf), shelf heating and cooling rates (1 ºC/min), etc.

- Flexible use : high capacity for working with bulk materials, option to attach manifolds. Also different sizes and types of vials.

- Robustness : laboratory equipment with industrial finish (easy to clean, stainless steel chamber, condenser and plates) and industrial components (sensors, vacuum pump, exchangers, etc.).

- Reliable operation : non-proprietary control system via PLC (Siemens).

- Flexible use : with a touch screen user interface.

- Option to save developed cycles and export data to other platforms (Excel) with the LyoLogger data acquisition software.

- Possibility to carry out optimisation studies for new formulae (scale up), with SCADA LYOLAB software, providing extensive documentation for technology transfer (optional).

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